Societal Benefits

  • People with college experience contribute time and money to charitable causes at a higher rate than those with less education.
  • Increased levels of education are associated with the increased likelihood of voting.
  • The typical college graduate working full-time, year-round pays about 134 percent more in federal taxes and almost 80 percent more in total federal, state and local taxes than the typical high school graduate.
  • College graduates are more likely than others to donate blood.
  • Adults with higher levels of education are more likely than others to be open to differing opinions.
  • Workers with lower education levels earn more if others in the same metropolitan area are more educated.
  • College graduates are much less likely than individuals with lower levels of education to be unemployed, rely on public assistance programs or live in a poverty-level household.
  • Among all racial/ethnic groups, unemployment rates are much lower for college graduates than for high school graduates.